2017 ARRL Field Day June 24 – 25

                                            2017 ARRL FIELD DAY Results

RESULTS:   Log submitted:  Score: 1,160     Bonus Points:  1,050  >> TOTAL:  2,210

80 m >  3 CW,  32 Digital,  3 Phone

40 m >  72 CW,  90 Digital,  38 Phone

20 m >  20 CW,  8 Digital,  89 Phone


PICTURES:   More pictures to be added

Antenna build

Mosley beam mounting on High Lift platform

Extended High Lift after thunderstorm cleared the area

Beam antenna in the sky

Beam on platform and off center feed dipole under High Lift platform

The WR4EC operating desk. ICOM IC-7100

KK4DID, Rodney operating and NR1Z, Tony logging

SC Senator Shane Massey and W3MIF, Don holding South Carolina Governors proclamation on Amateur Radio Week

KM4MMT, Albert; KM4GLW, Suzy; ARRL SC Section manager N4UFP, Marc; W3MIF, Don AB4BF, Barry

Taking down the antenna system



                                           2017 ARRL FIELD DAY Plan


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DATE: JUNE 24, 2017 Saturday

__ Set up > 11:00 AM (1100 hours),   Operation starts > 2:00 PM (1400 hours),   Food > 5:00 PM (1700 hours)

DATE: JUNE 25, 2017 Sunday

__Operation continues,   Operation ends > 2:00 PM (1400 hours),  Clean up begins > 2:00 PM (1400 hours) till completed

LOCATION:  Field Day Site survey completed and full support from Edgefield City received for antenna mounting and use of fire station facilities.  City radio tower and high lift available for antenna mounting.

     Edgefield City Police and Fire Station

     402 Main Street, Edgefield, SC 29824


Rear Fire Station and Edgefield city tower

High Lift

Trailer parking area

TRAILER:  HF VHF/UHF Radios to be installed.

      Edgefield Emergency Management training trailer.

__ Trailer has internal generator and air conditioning.

Edgefield Emergency Management training trailer


… KK4DID, Rodney, chairman

__ Download, review and assure meeting the ARRL Field Day packet requirements.

__ Schedule an antenna party to build and test a tri-band beam he has. Planned for June 6, 2017 at 6:00 PM. Rodney sent location of the antenna party and confirmation email. This is to assemble and test a used Mosely tri-band beam.

__ Contact possible donors for food and support items for event dinner. Bi Lo has made a donation. Other food items will be covered dishes by members.

W8SC, Steve, consultant to the team

__ Suggest activities to improve Field Day operations.

KM4GLW, Suzy, safety officer

__ Develop safety plan and ensure its implementation

__ Smoker for a prepare butt roast for the event dinner

AB4BF, Barry, antenna design and construction

__ Build and test a parallel dipole antenna for 75, 40 and 20 meter bands. Antenna is built and tested. Antenna layout of the site indicates that a center support is needed.  Looking for permission to park high lift in parking lot as center support.  City tower for one end and maintenance building for other end support.

… AK4WL, Lawrence and others,

__ Feed line design and construction for antennas. There are three coax options, but RG58 may be best choice for the short distance needed.

AE4UX, Charlie, develop plan to modify the trailer

__ Method of entry for HF antenna cables. Determined cable entry ports are available on the trailer

__ Mounting plan for VHF/UHF antennas on the trailer and cable entry

KM4TWA, James, computer operations

__ Develop reliable computer logging and back-up using N3FJP software. Purchased a computer capable of remote keyboard and a remote larger screen.

__ Develop on-line sign up for operating and logging using this web site. Completed and operational. Sub tab from this event tab.

Other team members

__ Support team leaders as requested


__ W3MIF to request borrowing the Edgefield County Hospital transceiver. Power PEP output is 100 watts on 160 to 6 meters and 50 watts on VHF and UHF bands. Hospital has approved borrowing their ICOM 7100, antenna tuner and power supply.


__ W3MIF to schedule a training session for using the logging software and radio familiarization.


Status: Updated 7.5.2017