2019 Winter Field Day

1.  Station location will be Suzy’s, KM4GLW office in EMA building:  304 Gray Street, Edgefield, SC  29824
2.  Non operational team members will use the Veterans Administration waiting room or main conference room for discussions.
3.  Set up and install multi band dipole on January 25, 2019 starting 1400 Hours. City will provide a high lift to aid antenna installation. Back up date for antenna installation and set up will be January 26, 2019 at 1100 Hours.
4.  Two large batteries and a small generator will be available to power the radio. KK4DID, Rodney will bring items.
5.  Radio available is ICOM IC-7100, IC-7300 or as desired by operator.
6.  Entry class will be one, this means one station on the air at a time. Class Indoors and section South Carolina.   >> 1I, SC
7.  Safety briefing January 26, 2019 at 1:30 PM by Suzy.
8.  Supper will be January 26, 2019 at 6:00 PM Suzy will prepare chili, beef stew, corn bread and fluffy rolls in facilities kitchen.  Please bring a side dish, snack and drinks. Location will be main conference room for dinning.
9. We need operators and loggers. We have commitments for some hours in the afternoon, evening and overnight. But no specific hours. Please contact our chairman KK4DID at rodneyashcraft@gmail.com if you can help and what specific time frames you would be available.

10. KM4TWA, James is lead to IT operations and antenna installation.



SUBJECT: Winter Field Day Results, See the Gallery for event pictures

*  Operators/ loggers….. 13

*ARRL sections logged…. 45 out of 70 No SC contact

*Canada sections logged… 2

*Bands operated…80 (38 contacts), 40 (146 Contacts) and 20 (2 contacts) meters

*CW…. 34

*Phone…. 105

*Digital… 49

*Category….1I, One station, Indoors (Emergency Operations Center)

****TOTAL SCORE…. 624O

Talk in was on:

> 146.85 MHz, (91.5 Hz) repeater
>> 441.075 MHz, CC1, TG 99, TS 1 DIRECT DMR

Winter Field Day chairman KK4DID, Rodney

Winter Field Day Location:

Edgefield County Emergency Management

304 Gray Street, Edgefield, SC 29824

Winter Field Day Operations:
January 26, 2019 starting at 1400 hours January 27, 2019 ending  at  1359 hours.